My sorrow is worn like a cloak of midnight, Darkness lit with starlight, To lose the endless folds of night, I must abandon too, the stars, I know not how to leave their light, Attracted like a moth to a flame, The night grows comfortably around me, This cloak is my own, The tailor fitted…

Things will be fine

I feel anxious about the future. I feel anxious all the time. It pours into me Overflowing Spilling out into everything around me Surrounded by green lights softly Breathing as deeply as possible Things will be fine Things will be fine

The legs that I walk upon

The legs that I walk upon, Are very far away from the body they hang upon, My knees have begun to creak, So much that it seems like they speak.   I’m sure they have things to say, Like hey! Lose some weight! Okay! I can’t deny, That I’m not quite as spry, As I…


I am back at that bench again, Like a mirror, the surface of lake reflects, The ice is deceptively thin, Bulrushes standing as soldiers to attention, All around things are sleeping, In many shades of brown, they wait, It’s not quite time, Not time for the unfurling of leaves, Waiting.

The Sea

The sand shifts across the beach, Rolling with the tide, Down the shore and out of reach. Salty spray from foamy waves, Boats bobbing in the harbour, A fisherman mending his nets, This is all that he craves.


Sad memories linger, Ghosts, Ghosts of a past we’d rather forget, Forgetting has never been harder, Harder now than ever, I wish I could love the me I see, In the mirror, reflected.


From the edges of my soul doth creep, A wounded monster craving sleep, It stalks the silent empty halls, Where deepest darkness endless falls. Long it searches far and wide, For somewhere new to abide, It’s falling steps shake the roof, The house of his eternal youth. His fur is green with purple spots, Toes…


The cramp that I am experiencing Is painful and worrying I haven’t drunk enough fluids Fluids are important when breathing You need them to protect your lung membranes. Old inhaler you are of no use. Cheese bread you are too tempting. I want a shower but there is no conditioner Without it, my hair will…


Anxious waiting with flushed face, Air dry, skin drying, Cracked lips and muscle cramping, It feels like I’m drying out, When drinking I feel drier, As it lowers the salt, Before leaving I need juice, Stomach cramping – nauseous, A shaky heart rattling away, Waiting for the known, unknown.


We were a tiny group of children who barely knew each other, Tossed into a merciless building full of sharks, You hunted your way through the flock, I was so innocent and now a perfect target, Not the only one but you made me believe I was, Do you know that I still can’t eat…

You never listen

You ever listen when I speak, We’ve more than drifted apart, Years of isolation led me here, On this boulevard of broken dreams, So much I want to say but never can, Leave me here and I’ll drown, I only ever wanted you to understand, I’m melting at the edges.


Screaming deep inside myself, Broken and lost, Forever alone.