We were a tiny group of children who barely knew each other,

Tossed into a merciless building full of sharks,

You hunted your way through the flock,

I was so innocent and now a perfect target,

Not the only one but you made me believe I was,

Do you know that I still can’t eat in front of others,

It’s embarrassing to say but it’s a fact,

Over the years I came to believe that no-one would ever love me,

What guy would love smelly, ugly, fat girl?

No matter how hard I try to fix it, the blood keeps pooling in my hands,

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words fucking broke my heart,

It’s hard that so many watched on and did nothing as I fell.

Doing nothing is still a crime,

Clinging on with all I had, sometimes wasn’t enough,

The tightrope that I walked on was a razor,

One slip and everything could have ended,

I’m not someone who would give you the satisfaction,

Death is always one step behind and there are times we walk hand in hand,


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