A small part of a story

“If there were problems in the video, it’s because of the ghosts!” Sarah exclaimed, slamming a black lever arch folder onto the meeting table.

Everyone’s cups rattled from the impact, liquids contained within them sloshing from side to side precariously. “It’s rammed with ghosts in there!”

At the end of the table, the general manager raised an eyebrow at this unexpected show of emotion.

“The house on Midfield Row certainly does have issues with unhoused spirits,” He was looking at a pile of notes, notes that were filled with information related to the problems they were experiencing. “But that doesn’t explain why the lid of the camera was on!”

“How do you not notice that the lid is on?” Someone from middle management muttered under their breath, before re-arranging the three pens laying on the meeting table in front of them.

“Do cameras even have lids on them these days?” An elderly member of staff asked, pushing his glasses back up his face.

The general manager picked up a small black remote and confidently pressed a sequence of buttons on it. After a few moments, a display screen began to descend from the ceiling.

On the big display screen, now fully descended, the video in question was playing. All that could be seen was the dark inside of a camera lens cap.

“Oh!” Sarah exclaimed, as she began searching through the wallets of the folder she had previously slammed down. “Oh! I gave you the wrong file!”


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