You never listen

You ever listen when I speak, We’ve more than drifted apart, Years of isolation led me here, On this boulevard of broken dreams, So much I want to say but never can, Leave me here and I’ll drown, I only ever wanted you to understand, I’m melting at the edges. Advertisements


Screaming deep inside myself, Broken and lost, Forever alone.

Rotting on the inside

Beneath this skin, I’ve hidden so much, Under the surface, Rotting on the inside. Everyone thinks I’m happy, Nine years of acting, Bulletproof armour, Must be worth an Oscar right? If you see beneath this, I’ll push you away, Just pretend it’s all fine, Close your eyes and walk away.


Sat hunched over cold, Anxious time passing slowly, Dislocated broken and painful, Despite it all, soldiering on, Things have to be done, No pain, no gain, Isolated and alone, Though mostly by choice, Hiding in the shadows, Pulling ropes in the dark.


Bright sun and colder wind, Shining, rippling, blue-green water, Bulrushes rustling and swaying. Frogs jumping in the moss, Croaking, quacking, singing, Spring time. Spring I rejoice in you, Warm sun and dappled shade, Neath blossomed trees.

The words that you said they still haunt me

The words that you said they still haunt me, You’d think that four years to heal the gaping wound in my chest would be good enough. But apparently, that isn’t so, I’d rather that you’d hit me, It would have healed by now. No-one has noticed this infection that I harbour, Talking would help to…

Empty on the inside

I’ve done all in my power to be empty on the inside, But you still linger in my veins, Attempts to cut you out all failed, Your roots grow deeper, Cracking the stone I built around my heart, All this time you’ve been untreated.

Handle with care

Handle with care, The wounds are still healing, Maybe you are the one to finally hear me, I’ve been calling out so long, I’d given up hope of being found, Not left here, But this designated safe place, A place of my own making set adrift. If I were a box I’d be marked thus,…

There was an old lady

There was an old lady who lived by the sea, And she warned of a fish named Colin Murphy, His scales were green, Wherever he was seen, The other fish cried, When Colin they spied, Because he was known as a big bully, There was never such a big bully in all of the sea,…

The Marianas Trench Song

If I want to be deep, I can reach the bottom of the seafloor.   The deepest part of the sea is the Marinas trench. People thought that nothing could live down there, But there’s Xenophyophores and loads of bacteria.   If I want to be deep, I can reach the bottom of the seafloor.  …

A small part of a story

“If there were problems in the video, it’s because of the ghosts!” Sarah exclaimed, slamming a black lever arch folder onto the meeting table. Everyone’s cups rattled from the impact, liquids contained within them sloshing from side to side precariously. “It’s rammed with ghosts in there!” At the end of the table, the general manager…

How dark is the night

How dark is the night? How dark is the night that seeps through the curtains? It wanders along the streets, seeping like fog, The night was empty, filled with empty thoughts, A plastic bag flapped in the wind snagged on a tree, Trying to break free from the tiny twigs, I am the darkness, I am the…