A song about Icecubes

Climbing the hill without you is something I can do, There are no days left of summer, no days left with you, Climbing the hill helped me decide I no longer need to be with you. There’s ice cubes in the freezer just pour yourself a drink, There’s ice cubes for your drink…they’re in the…


The pond is frozen now, Ice coating the surface, Moorhens slip and skate across it, Twelve-year-old boys throw rocks, Attempting to break the pond’s new skin, Loud and young.


I see a rise of feeling, That because this person is not me, Because this person is not my family, They do not count, They are not there. The cares that are carried so painfully on shoulders not wide enough, Are they not our cares as well? Somewhere tonight a human whose life is harsher than…


Wandering on the road to nowhere among the yellow painted landmines. Painted danger warning signs. The ghosts of dead deer bolting across the lines of men. All the trees are burning and the water’s flowing black. Looking from the outside is there any way of going back.