You are needed

We are all something made with a purpose,

We are all waiting for that reason to come,

Walking in at us from the distant shores of maybe… maybe one day,

Melting over us with the surety of now… now you are needed,

Here is your stage call,

It’s your turn to act your part, here are the lines,

Put one foot in front of the other,

You’re going to be alright,

The world needs you, it needs you in this place and at this moment,

No-one else will do,

Feel the destiny that has been waiting for you and carve your way towards it,

Your destiny may not be the resounding clang of a bell,

Or a towering wave changing the world in an instant, remembered forever,

But a ripple, a breath of the wind a single ray of sunshine,

The flapping of a butterfly’s wing.


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