Rainy Dew

So this is me playing the tenor recorder (my sister’s), for the first time in two or three years. It’s very… um rickety I think is the word I want to use here. 😀 I suppose that’s what I get for not practicing in so long. The lower C key needs some oiling/greasing though.

When I was in primary school everyone got to audition for the choir, we were seven/eight then. As we were going into the main hall of the school I suddenly became really anxious. Previous to this event I had always enjoyed singing and dancing around my parents livingroom in a white vest and purple velour leggings/trousers. Hey they were in back in 1999/2000!

But standing in that hall… with everyone else in my year group I just felt this wave of horror coming over me. What if I wasn’t good enough? What if people laughed at me? What if my parents had been lying to me about me being a good singer?

So…I didn’t audition for the choir and instead joined the beginner recorder class. Nowadays I sing a little bit, mostly when I’m in my house on my own but I have been known to sing whilst walking in nature. If you’ve been known to sing whilst talking in nature. If you’ve listened to episode 10 of the Mirage Podcast you can hear my singing. It’s pretty terrible.



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