I was stung by nettles

So over the past month and a half or so, I’ve been trying to clear my front garden of weeds before winter comes and it’s too cold to get out there in the garden. It’s been a pretty exhausting task because no-one’s really had the time to do anything in the garden for two or so years. You can imagine the state that things have gotten into, without regular weeding.

It’s been especially bad because I live in a village surrounded not only by farmland but their is also a rather dense and sprawling deciduous wood close by. It’s not uncommon to come across a patch of corn or a tree randomly growing in a back border.

So when I was pulling red valerian out of my front garden (It’s taking over and crowding all the other plants), I accidentally closed my hand tightly around a stinging nettle.

For some reason I hadn’t put gloves on…and I deeply regretted that for maybe two or three hours afterwards. Growing up where I have, it’s not uncommon to be stung by nettles, they’re everywhere. This nettle sting though has to be the worst that I’ve ever had and i’ve fallen down a bank into a whole patch of nettles before.

A really bad sting leaves you with this burning, numb and prickly sensation that slowly fades over time. I wrote this piece of music whilst deeply annoyed at myself for not wearing gloves.



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