The Lonely

The Lonely

This is a piece of music that I created using Musescore 2. This isn’t an advertisement or anything. I just thought that people might be curious about what software I use that’s all.

It’s a piece that I’m actually very proud of. It is something that was made during a period of time where as the name suggests, I was feeling particularly lonely.

The piece is comprised of a string quartet, working with multiple instruments is something that I find to be very hard. Keeping all the notes that you want to use in your head as you’re plotting them can be very complicated the more instruments are involved. It’s also more tricky to figure out where to leave gaps, where each instrument can be featured.

Needless to say this one came out better than I had expected it too. It’s been so long since I had any formal lessons about music that i’m surprised that I remembered how to make anything.



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