I’m sorry

An old, old poem about the end of a friendship.



I wrote this whilst eating pizza  in a week when I’d eaten entirely too much pizza. My Dad’s been on a frozen pizza buying binge. Our freezer has to be at least half full of pizza and someone has to eat it. It may also have been a week where I was feeling very overstimulated….

Rainy Dew

So this is me playing the tenor recorder (my sister’s), for the first time in two or three years. It’s very… um rickety I think is the word I want to use here. 😀 I suppose that’s what I get for not practicing in so long. The lower C key needs some oiling/greasing though. When…

The Lonely

The Lonely This is a piece of music that I created using Musescore 2. This isn’t an advertisement or anything. I just thought that people might be curious about what software I use that’s all. It’s a piece that I’m actually very proud of. It is something that was made during a period of time…


Finding calmness through music is often hard.

What music means to me

Whether it was playing the recorder back in secondary school or playing around with a keyboard, it’s a thing that I can lose myself in.