I am

I am red hot, like a volcano. I am typing, like a secretary. I am blinking like an owl. I am as crazy as a box of frogs.


  Sparkles you are distracting but I want to look at you more. Each step shows off your beautiful colours, Half  bleacched and colour faded from leaving you in the sun

Finding the words

I think I should lie down, To sleep my allotted time, But the words are pouring out now, They’re coming out in waves   If I sleep now I will be forsaking, The words that are yet to come, Ones that will never see the page, So I will pace here and type in the…


Rolling is nice, Rolling wheels of the bike, I’m not great at riding, Learning rather late, Turning is an unmastered skill, Traveling is faster so long as it’s not uphill.

Spinal pain

My spine is curved. My spine s curving more And more it curves Sitting too long Weighing too much Having hypermobility All of these have caused it So it must be realigned. Correcting posture causes pain Not doing so causes more   If i lean to the right my spinal vertebrae make a crunching sound….

I guess

I guess I am writing now, Words as they come into my mind As they arrive into my thoughts Almost as if they are being beamed there by an external force Ideas and memories are found.


How much water can be drunk in a day? Where does all the snow go? What should I be doing now? When will that personal statement be done? How much more pain can we endure? Why am I doing this to myself? Where do you want to go to uni? Can we ever go there…


I am sat here trying to write, Only finding myself unable to, Write write write, What should I write, What words lie inside me waiting to be freed, I want to find something that can be meaningful, Is there something, Is there something there at all.


We were waiting for our teacher Waiting for her to arrive Only to find out we’re having a break In which we need to work. I’d rather have a lesson.


A spine filled with pain A spine that clicks A spine that squeaks My spine.

Rocking has begun

I don’t usually rock, Chewing is more my thing,   Today rocking started, Caused by biology assignments, Chemistry is finished, I handed it in late last night. Breakfast was a banana, I’m yet to have a drink, The bottle fell behind the seat of the car, I could not retrieve it. Tonight I have 5…


November brings the winter, November brings stress, November is for Nanowrimo, November has come again.